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A Clockwork Zero's space

Steampunk jewelry, watchparts, beads and madness

16 February
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  • clockwork_zero@livejournal.com
I'm a Science Fiction writer and jewelry maker who once-upon-a-time owned a bead shop in Montreal. Recently, I decided to clean up the Closet of Doom and found boxes and boxes of beads and pieces of jewelry. A lot of findings too. So, I'm now making some new "steampunk jewelry". The first few pieces will be "steampunk broaches" made of old watch parts, old watch gears and some of the brass findings I found in a box.

I'll be selling my steampunk stuff here and on various sites around the net. Most of my steampunk jewelry is up on y etsy site: www.clockworkzero.etsy.com You can also check out many of the things I've sold or been commissioned to do at my page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/a_clockwork_zero/

I keep a personal journal, that I've kept for about 7 years now. You might know me from there.

If you friend me, do drop me a note to say hello!